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From humble beginnings

The Hasil Karya (Company Registration Number 105695-V) story began three decades ago in 1983 when our founder, Mr Tee Ah Ling, struck out on his own to start his own business. It took some time for Mr Tee to find his feet and the company dabbled in several areas such as agricultural equipment and government tenders. By the 1990s, however, Hasil Karya had found its feet and we began making a name for ourselves in the machine tool business. The company would focus on importing Chinese brands until 1996, when it would diversify into Taiwanese and European machines. “The economy was booming and the cottage industry was very good, so these Chinese machines were in great demand,” Mr Tee remembers of the time. Hasil Karya had experienced its first blush of success.

As it did for so many other businesses, however, the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 and the plunging value of the ringgit introduced a myriad of difficulties for Hasil Karya to overcome. Mr Tee, however, was determined to guide the company through by sticking to his principles. “No matter if it is sunshine or rain, we hold on to our principles,” he explains. “We never give up halfway. That is very important. Even if we don’t make any money, we honour our commitments.” The reliability and integrity of Hasil Karya was one of the key reasons the company was able to weather the storm and flourish on the other side.

It is these guiding principles that has led to our success thus far. Hasil Karya is very proud of its rapport with its suppliers and customers, and in the past sticking with them through good times and bad has led to gratitude and trust from all parties. “We treat them not only as business associates, but also as long-term friendships, some built up over twenty or thirty years,” Mr Tee says.

Mr Tee’s sons, Robert and Ryan joined the company in 2006, making it a true family business. Helmed by this new energy, Hasil Karya now seeks to grow both as a company and in the capacity of the service it can provide. It is our hope that we can now build on the established success, and take this company to new and greater heights while maintaining the honest and personable relationships that our founder was known for.

Keeping up with the times

Hasil Karya’s new direction is reflected on every level of the company. We have undergone some significant internal restructuring, and since 2006 has doubled in size from 15 to 30 employees which has allowed us to reorganize into dedicated, specialized departments. Our product line now focusses on the latest and most state-of-the-art of CNC machines, and consequently we bring in far fewer Chinese machines than before, with majority of our sales being from Taiwan, Italy and Turkey.

Making this change was not something we undertook lightly. Our selection of products is chosen carefully, and everything we import is a piece of equipment that we truly believe in. Ultimately, we understand that these machines are here to help you increase your profits; to that end, we select those of high quality yet reasonable price, finding that sweet-spot of value. We also make sure to send people to the manufacturers for training, ensuring that we have the technical knowledge to back up our products.