4 Rolls Hydraulic Plate Rolling


4 Rolls Hydraulic

Hydraulic 4 Rolls Plate Bending Machine

MH series

MH seriesMH series

MH rollingMH rolling

MH Series

This is the newest evolution in the field of plate bending machines. Two driven rolls with hydraulic pinching pressure adjustment grant the very good driving of material. It is the simplest to use, the most versatile and the quickest machine nowadays present on market. All machine parts are of the best quality and most known brand names easy to find in every corner of the world.

Planetary Movement 4 Rolls Typical Bending Steps

The planetary movement of rolls designed with a new variable geometry allows our machines to roll with minimum diameters below 1.1 times the top roll diameter. With this characteristic our machines offer performances on big diameters that are up to 30% superior to the competitor’s ones.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Only one operator needed
  • Fast and accurate

Special Features

  • Elimination Of Gear Transmission, Gibs & Ways, Bushings, Clutches And Synchronization Devices.
  • Elimination Of Daily, Weekly Or Monthly Maintenance.
  • Ability To Roll To 1.1 Times Top Roll Diameter.
  • Lifetime Parallelism.
  • No Proprietary Replacement Parts.
  • Off-Shelf Parts Available In Most Cities


This system is based on a massive round bar that connects mechanically the two hydraulic pistons of the side rolls from left to right. This way the two pistons become actually one as they are firmly tied together by means of that torsion bar. Also the oil compression doesn’t matter here because the amount of compression is always the result of the sum of the oil living in both pistons. If something moves it is the couple of pistons and never ever one at a time. Due to the lever generated by the side rolls’ arms, we can install smaller pistons and have the same effect, but with the great advantage of less oil traveling and so, again less oil compression. That’s proved to be the most precise and reliable system worldwide and in addition it doesn’t need any kind of setting or adjustment for the machine life.

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