CNC Positioning System, Fully-Automated Punching Machine

Punching Machine

CNC Positioning System (Fully-Automated)



With Optional Omron Controller Upgrade

  • Maximum material (LxWxT): 1000x500x18 mm
  • Table travel range: (X,Y) coordinate (25,45) to (975,475)
  • Machine punching capacity: 80 tons
  • Maximum hole: Ø30x20 mm
  • Two 500-watt MITSUBISHI servo motors


The fully-automatic CNC tables are highly efficient and accurate positioning devices to improve your productivity. The controller is easy to learn and operate, so you can start operating almost immediately. The hydraulic clamps with pressure sensor for strong grip of material are standard equipments on the CNC tables. Moreover, hydraulic stripper with exchangeable plates is also standard equipment on the CNC tables to suit various punching operations. Ball transfer units on the support table provide smooth movement of material, and cover with interlock switch ensures operation safety.


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