Combination Drilling And Cutting Machine


Combination Drilling And Cutting


Combination Drilling Cutting Machine

CBF3015W Combination Drilling And Cutting Machine

Combination Drilling Cutting Machine

CBF4020W Combination Drilling And Cutting Machine

CBF3015W    Specifications
 Work    Automatic Cutting Area Square Pipe ◊ 50 - ◊ 150
Angle Bar L 50x50 - L 150x150
Channel Steel Π 75x40 - Π 300x90
H-Beam H 100x50 - H 300x150
C-Shaped Steel C 75x45x15 - C250x75x25
Maximum Mass 600kg
Maximum Length 12,500mm
Minimum Length 4,500mm
Steel Type Equivalent to steel for general structure
Sizing Gripper     Drive System Rack & Pinion 
Drive Motor Capacity 1.3kW AC Servomotor
Speed Reduction Ratio Reduction 1/9
Valid Stroke 15,224mm
Feed Speed for Positioning 60m/min 
Minimum Positioning Increment 0.1mm
Drilling                    Number of axes Three axes
Spindle Nose Adjustable Adapter (MT#3)
Drill Diameter 9 - 28mm
Speed Switch-Over

Thickness 4mm and above Less than Ø14 Deceleration before stopper by inputting the drill length
Ø14 and above Select of automatic deceleration by pressure switch or deceleration before stopper by inputting the drill length
Thickness less than 4mm Deceleration before stopper by Inputting the Drill Length
Drill Motor Capacity 2.2kW Each (Speed Reduction 1/5)
Y-axis (Horizontal axis) Motor Capacity 0.4kW Ac Servomotor
Z-axis (Vertical axis) Motor Capacity 0.5kW AC Servomotor Each
Stroke  Y-axis Left & Right 20 - 280mm
Z-axis Up & Down 10 - 140mm
Vise Force   Vertical Vise 2kN (200kgf) *Decompression depending on work
Vise Clamp *It's necessary to adjust the position of the vise clamp depending on the height of work. Note 1.
Horizontal Vise 10kN (1000kgf) *Decompression depending on work
Drilling Conditions   Drill Circumferential Velocity 20m/min
Feed 0-0.4mm/rev *Manual Stepless Regulation by Flow Control Valve
Running Speed 200 - 650rpm *No Steps Controlled by Inverter
Coolant  Clean Mist (3L)
Cutting        Circular Saw   Carbide Tipped *Thickness: 6mm or more *Max Diameter Ø530
High Speed Steel *Thickness: Less than 6mm depending on the number of blades *Max Diamter Ø550
Cutting Conditions

Running Speed  50 - 250rpm *No Steps Controlled by Inverter
Circumferential Velocity 100 - 510m/min
Feed 5 - 20mm/sec *Manual Stepless Regulation by Flow Control Valve
Motor Capacity for Circular Saw 11kW
Vise Force Vertical Vise  4.3kN (440kgf) *Decompression depending on work
Horizontal Vise 6.7kN (687kgf) *Decompression depending on work
Valid Stroke of Moving Axis for Circular Saw 665mm
Coolant Clean Mist (3L)
Others Air Pressure Over and equal to 0.6MPa (6kgf/cm2)

Note 1. 0<H<75 Lower Position, 75≤H<125 Center Position, 125≤H<150 Upper Position

* All specification are subjected to change without prior notice.

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