Hydraulic Corner Notcher


Hydraulic Corner Notcher



Ermak EKN-6 variable rake hydraulic corner notchers have a strong frame with its statically and dynamically rigid steel table and top beam material. T slot top table realizes precise cuttings and there is no need for alignment for different sheet thicknesses by means of automatic blade gap adjustment.EKN series perform frequent cutting repeatability via 4 hydraulic hold-down cylinders.

Specification EKN-6
Cutting Capacity    
Mild steel ST37 6mm (from 60° to 140°)
Mild steel ST37 4mm (from 30° to 59°)
Stainless steel 3mm (from 60° to 140°)
Stainless steel 2.5mm (from 30° to 59°)
Cutting Length 200 x 200mm
Cutting Angle < 30° den 140° ye
Technical Information    
Main motor 4KW
Working pressure 200 bar / 2900.8 PSI
Oil capacity 48lt
Table Dimension 1150 x 610mm
Cutting angle 30° - 140°
Blade length 200 x 200mm
Max stroke 30/min
Length 1150mm
Width 1156mm
Height 1440mm
Weight 1050kg
Noise Level (without job) 65dBA
Noise Level (with job) 75dBA

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