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Mak 4 Evolution UD


The MAK 4 Evolution UD is the universal folding machine for complex tasks involving industrial sheet metal forming. The Up-and-Down technology of its folding beam allows more processing steps in shorter times and minimizes handling costs.

Details MAK 4 Evolution UD

  • POS 3000 3-D Graphic Control
  • Up’n Down folding beam automatically controlled by POS 3000
  • Clamping beam opening 850 mm
  • Clamping beam geometry 180°
  • Clamping beam clamping device: Hydraulic tool clamping device
  • Standard machine without tools
  • Folding centre adjustment
  • Central crowning device, manual
  • Positioning gauge 10 – 3400 mm or 10 – 4250 mm, U-shape with sectors, panel for individual positioning of control, pneumatic pop-up gauge fingers, steel balls in sheet support table. Lateral angle gauge 1500 mm rigth and left side. The segmented support plates can be removed to make room for downflange applications.
  • Protection via light curtain controlled by safety-PLC for operation from the rear.
  • Footswitch

Technical Data

type working length sheet thickness 400 N/mm2 length width
  [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm]
2500x8,0 2540 8,00 5720 2652
3200x6,0 3240 6,00 6420 2652
4000x5,0 4040 5,00 7220 2652
5000x4,0 5040 4,00 8220 2652
type back gauge, U-shape, width machine height weight
  [mm] [mm] [kg]
2500x8,0 4600 2748 16500
3200x6,0 5150 2748 17500
4000x5,0 6000 2748 18500
5000x4,0 6850 2748 21000
  clamping beam
type geometry hub drive power speed clamping force
  [°] [mm] [kW] [mm/s] [to]
2500,8,0 180 850 2 x 9,45 100 120
3200x6,0 180 850 2 x 9,45 100 120
4000x5,0 180 850 2 x 9,45 100 120
5000x4,0 180 850 2 x 9,45 100 120

  folding beam
type drive power speed folding beam adjustment folding centre adjustment
  [kW] [°/s] [mm] [mm]
2500x8,0 2 x 9,4 150 180 100
3200x6,0 2 x 9,4 150 180 100
4000x5,0 2 x 9,4 150 180 100
5000x4,0 2 x 9,4 90 180 100



POS 3000 3D graphic control:

Interactive sheet design

POS 3000 3D graphical controls is one of the most powerful controls on the market, and because both the hard- and software come from a single provider, the MAK 4 Evolution and POS 3000 3D graphical controls are a perfect match.

Working with POS 3000 is extremely comfortable:

Clearly laid-out product selection including a search function and navigation in submenus enables the operator to select work steps and connect them in the production plan menu to create sequences.

Individual product profiles can be designed very quickly via the intuitive finger-activated drawing feature. The exact dimensions may be entered and changed in the dimensioning menu. In order to check and coordinate together with the customer, the drawing may be output on paper using a printer.

Using the program that is created, the software generates the optimal sequence of bends, including automatic collision and threshold value monitoring. The folding angle and cut are corrected automatically using interpolation from the database.

Tools & Options

Special accessories

- Motorized crowning device, central adjustment

- Z-axis drive Speed Optimizer (up to 120 mm/s axis speed)

- Tool cart for blades, rails and segmented tools


- 2 pneumatic pop up square arms assembled at inner side of U-back stop

- Front stop feature for folding beam

Clamping beam tools

- Sharp noose blade (20/30°)

- Goat’s foot blade (120/180/300 mm, segmented incl. corner parts)

Bottom beam tools

- One piece bottom beam blade

- Segmented bottom beam blade

Folding beam tools

- Folding blade 30/40 mm, divided or segmented

- Folding blade 10/15/20 mm, segmented or in one piece

- Folding blade 20 mm, 30° segmented

Fully automated tool changer

Complex work pieces and small series production - no problem for the industrial folding machine MAKV 4 Evolution UD from Hans Schröder Maschinenbau with the top option: a fully automated tool changer. Within a matter of seconds the clamping beam and  optionally also the folding beam will be equipped with tools.


Automatic tool changer for clmaping beam tools. Twin robot arm in a tool portal handle 3 tools each, independently and simultaneously, max. tool height 400 mm (without toolings)

Additional option, automatic tool change for folding beam tools with hydraulic tool clamping device (without toolings)


Add. price: safety package for operation from the front, incl. footswitch on rail for lateral movement

- Safety plate tool changer magazine

- Light barrier tool magazine

- Light barrier for personal protection

Clamping beam tools

- Tool depth 190 mm, ca. 1100 N/mm, surface-hardened (gas nitrified)

- Goat's foot blade (from radius 1,0 mm), 30°, clearance 70 mm; Heigth: 180 mm, 270 mm, 330 mm or 450 mm

- Hinged corner parts

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