Open Back And Dry Clutch Power Press


Open Back and Dry Clutch Power Press

The body of JH21 series press is welded with steel plate, so it is with good rigidity and stable precision. The crankshaft is placed lengthways, so the structure is compact and the contour beautiful. Using the combined pneumatic fiction clutch and brake, imported dry fiction clutch and brake for model B, so the engagement is smooth, the action agile and the noise low. Gear pair adopts the flooding system lubrication. The slide block is six-face rectangle with longer guide track whose face is bronze panel. Meanwhile an imported hydraulic overload protector is installed in the slideblock whose air pump and high pressure ring seal are imported from other country. Its actionis agile and reliable. The die set is adjusted by motor over JH21-63 press. There is lifting balance cylinder set at the slideblock over model JH21-40 press, whose ring seal is imported from other country. The air pipeline is controlled by safety duplex valve. Its electric circuit is controled by imported PLC. The press can be equipped with air cushion, automatic feed shaft and photoelectric protector.

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