Optimum Waterjet System

Waterjet Cutting System

Optimum Waterjet System



T300 optimum waterjet system is all-in-one structure & full-option package waterjet system mounted ActiveCutting™ head. You could enjoy the best cutting performance at an affordable system price.

  •  Shortest delivery/Installation & specific training service
  •  Absolute Digital Servo Control System
  •  Centralize pump system control through main panel
  •  ALL in one structure for minimum installation space.
  •  ActiveCutting™ head :  ±7º Taper Control function on Cutting head
  •  Basic Configuration : Cutting Table, ActiveCutting™ head,  SJP-6050d Pump, Abrasive main hopper(400kg), Smart mini hopper, TopMaster™ waterjet cutting software, Rapid water level control
  • Option : Pump/Abrasive Main hopper upgrade, Chiller, Stainless Catcher tank, Abrasive removal system, Closed roop system, Software copy

Optimum Waterjet System for rational usage

T300-3015 3050*1550*200 ±0.03mm ±0.05mm/.3m
T300-3020 3050*2050*200
T300-4020 4050*2050*200

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