Powerful Waterjet System

Waterjet Cutting System

Powerful Waterjet System



T700 powerful waterjet cutting system is developed for mass production and large sized material cutting. It can expand the cutting speed and material cutting volume with multi-gantry application.

  • Full Nesting(Optimized automatic nesting in accordance with material size)
  • Muti-gantry option applicable for T700 to improve cutting speed and productivity
  • High performance waterjet system for mass production & large sized material cutting
  • High speed/accuracy driving through high precised Helical Rack & pinion driving system
  • Improve the system function through optional equipment depends on its cutting environments
  • Vertical cutting / ActiveCutting™ / SmartCutting™ / 3D SmartCutting™ / Bevel Cutting head options are all selectable
  • Basic Configuration : Cutting table, SJP-6075i pump, Abrasive hopper(1000kg), Smart mini hopper, TopMaster™ waterjet cutting software, Abrasive removal system
  • Upgrade : Pump, Cutting head, TopMaster™
  • Addable option : Pump, Chiller, Mutiple-axis, Additional Gantry, Height sensor, Drilling unit, Laser edge finder, Closed roop system

Powerful Waterjet System for mass production


4070/40150 ±0.03mm ±0.05mm/.3m

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