Tandem CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

CNC THAP 6200-600T

Tandem CNC

Heavy Duty
Ermaksan’s reliability, high quality products and advanced manufacturing techniques offers flexible and ideal solutions to the steadily changing world market, everyday developing technology and customers’ special demands.

Special Ermaksan press brakes fulfill the demands of the heavy-duty machine industry, transportation, windmills, power plants, defense industries and sectors which are manufacturing lightening poles with Ermaksan’s wide product range.



General Specifications 
Tandem press brakes consists of at least two machines which are able to bend sheet and plate materials that are up to 32 meters on a single operation. These press brakes also have a feature of working together as well as working alone. Each machine is equipped with separate hydraulic, electrical and electronic equipments. All the equipments used as standard and optional accessories are chosen particularly from the latest technology using companies whose products are accepted worldwide. Squiring the high performance with high efficiency by the user is our basic principle.

  • User friendly and reliable working environment providing complex Hydraulic system which you can use free of problems for years.
  • Bending tools at various dimensions and special types.
  • High precision bending opportunity with adjustable tonnage, back gauge and stroke adjustment according to tooling and sheet metal specs.





  • 2D DOS-based operating system,
  • Wide ergonomie keyboard and integrated track sensor
  • 6 context-sensitive function keys.
  • 10″ TFT high resolution color screen
  • Working memory flash 32 MB
  • Integrated 3,5″ floppy disc (optional CD-ROM, LSI 20 or others)
  • Printer output and 2 RS232 port,

General Specifications

  • Ethernet RJ45 and 2 USB port,
  • VGA screen output,
  • Conversion inch/mm, ton/tons,
  • Measurement of speed, stopping time and leakage of the beam.
  • Management ofCE safety cycles.
  • Interactive display of safety utilities and customized messages.
  • 16axescouldbeconfigured

ER80 2D + Cad interface

ERMAK bending solutions are displayed graphically in 2D and indicate possible collisions with the tools or the machine frame. The system also shows the position of the sheet within the tools. Windows XP Embedded numerical control. Its 10-inchTFT colour screen, its simplified keyboard with large keys, and the 2D graphic software make the use of this control very efficient and comfortable. Standart offline 3D software and DXF or IGES conversion importing from CAD system .simulate and display the feasibility of the product in 3D or 2D. Display, product, tools and detect collisions. Programing punch or Die, Bend functions key and It is possible to import a product created DXF or IGES file for use on a CAD system.



ER 90 3D

CNC Bending Simulations Work Center Graphic Multi-axes numeric control that Windows style and advanced 3D features. Another important feature of ERMAK is the environment dedicated to the PRODUCTION MANAGING, Us simple and friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) is furthermore increased in value by an HIGH RESOLUTION LCD, with Touch-Screen 17″. Simulations of Machine Body, Punch, Dies, Punch and Die holders Barries, Doors. Floor, Backgauge, Sheet Pieces, Real Time Bending Screen. ERMAK is a real onboard machine CAM. In fact graphic CREATION of tool and 2D/3D parts, IMPORTATION of 3D parts from EBS CADCAM, SIMULATION and 2D/3D reproduction, in realtime, of all of the bend phases, are only some of the available basic performances.

DELEM 66W 2D General Specifications

  • 2DWindows operating system.
  • Stable, multitasking environment,
  • 2D simulation of application before bending process,
  • Microsoft Networking standard on board,
  • Structured program storage (subdirectories),
  • 10,4″TFT High Resolution Colour display (640 x 480 pixels, 16-bit colour),
  • (16bit 640×480 piksel)
  • 200MHz microprocessor,
  • 32 Mb memory capacity,
  • 4Mb free product and tools memory,
  • 7 digits program number.
  • 20 digits alpha-numeric drawing number.
  • Program repeat max. 9999,
  • Step number, 25 max. (sequences),
  • Step repeat, 99 max..
  • Millimeters/inches-USTON/KN,
  • External connection of USB
  • keyboard, mouse.
  • Error messaging system,
  • PLC functionality (sequencer).
  • Machine time + stroke counter.
  • Tandem operation,
  • Delem Modular compatible,

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