Angle Line System(ALS)


Fully Auto Table CNC Automation

CNC Punching Machine

The Sunrise all new ALS-1506S angle line system is the newest addition to the Sunrise automatic products designed with ease of operation in mind and manufactured with unmatched rigidity and durability.

  • The ALS-1506S is able to punch and shear 2” to 6” angle and flat bar in one fully automatic process. Despite the advancement of laser equipment, punch and shear remain the easiest, most efficient and economical method to process angle material.
  • The ALS-1506S comes with a 6m feeder (option for extension available) which uses a heavily proportioned machined structure steel tube and rollers made from solid steel with bearings for good contact and support of work piece.
  • The ALS-1506S main stations come in one unit with fully enclosed covers, providing not just visual attractiveness, but also ease of setup and unparalleled safety standard for the operator.


  •  Maximum angle: 152x152x12mm
  •  Minimum angle: 50x50x5mm
  •  Maximum flat bar: 152x12mm
  •  Minimum flat bar: 50x5mm
  •  Rack-n-pinion feeding system: 6m standard, extension to 9m or 12m optional
  •  Minimum Scrap: 150mm