LCS 400 DX

Turkey Made Fully Auto Circular Saw

Sawing Machine


  • Semi-automatic vertical action twin headed mitre saw,
  • Right hand head fixed, the left hand head positioned automatically by servo motor on roller type linear guideways.
  • High performance heavy duty gear box designed with fully hardened and grinded helical gears,
  • Head descends on hardened roller type linear guides,
  • Servo motor and screw ball operation of saw head smoothes descent for optimum cut ; servo cutting system and program developed for special products. Therefore cutting speeds can adjust different from the panel for different sections of the material. This method reduces the total cutting time up to 30% and increase the saw disc life.
  • Inverter controlled saw motors. Blade speed can set between 20-60 rpm. from the control panel.
  • PLC controlled, color type touch screen panel.
  • Easy saw head angle adjustment; right saw head positive 0-45°  and left saw head negative 0-45° mitre.
  • Coolant tank with box to collect chips and electric pump for blade lubrication and cooling.


Optional Accessories:

  • Saw Blade