Vertical Turret Standard Mill Head

Milling Machine

  • High-performing machine with expansive operational range, requiring minimal space.


  • Head can swivel 90° left/right and 45° front/back, increasing versatility.


  • Ram moves forward/backward and rotates 360° horizontally, significantly enlarging the working area.


  • Machine body made from sturdy SC250 casting; spindle made from durable and precise Chrome Molybdenum Steel.


  • Precision ball bearings in spindle assembly allow for wide cutting range and high precision.


  • Three-axis nuts made of wear-resistant PBC-2, enhancing longevity.


  • X, Y, and Z axes slideways laminated with durable Turcite-B for easy operation.


  • Working table and slideways are wear-resistant, thanks to inductive surface hardening and precision grinding.


  • Manual lubrication system for centralised maintenance of work table and knee.


  • Upgraded control panel and electrical cabinet with 110V and 22V output sockets.


  • Offers a choice of spindle tapers: R8, NT30, and NT40.