4 Axes

CNC Aluminium Profile Machining Center

  • The CNC machining center, featuring four automated axes, is specifically engineered to process aluminum, PVC, light alloys, or steel bars or components of up to 2mm thickness. This powerful apparatus is outfitted with dual, on-board 4-place tool magazines, capable of operating on three sides of a profile measuring 170mm x h210mm.


  • This device can handle bar lengths extending up to 4m. The flexibility provided by the 4th CNC axis enables the electro-spindle to execute continuous rotations ranging from 0° to 180°, effectively performing tasks on the profile’s contour.


  •  Additionally, it boasts a mobile work plane designed to simplify the loading and unloading process of the workpiece. This feature also significantly expands the machinable section, thereby enhancing its overall performance and utility.