CNC Milling Machine Malaysia


Quality CNC Milling Machine and Reliable CNC Machine Solution Provider

No matter you call it a CNC Milling Machine or a machining center or a machine tool. Hasil Karya has the reliable CNC Machine to make your business investment counts.

Furthermore, our CNC Machine distribute within Malaysia uses the most advanced measuring instruments to verify the accuracy.

In fact, each machine tool and control feature we provide are designed with customer profitability as priority. Besides, as one of the leading Milling Machine Supplier in Malaysia, we always take notice on the needs of our user for CNC Milling Machine.


Here’s a simple CNC Milling Machine buying guide to help you get your head around buying a CNC Machine.

CNC Milling Machine Buying Guide】

  1. Understand what kind of output do you want from the CNC Milling Machine

➡️ Frequency of utilization

➡️ Speed

➡️ Production complexity

➡️ The amount of precision needed

➡️ Cost per part


  1. Types of CNC Milling Machines and its country of origin

➡️The more advanced the features, the higher the machine price. Different country of origin is also a significant machine pricing factor. Just like Mercedes Benz and Toyota, both companies make good cars, but their pricing is so different.


  1. What are the additional costs and fees of CNC machine

➡️ Computer Aided Design (CAD) software package

➡️ Operator training cost


  1. Available space at your workplace to allocate the machine

➡️ Consider minimizing the movement of operator or materials from machine to machine

Let us help you, get your production health check analysis and buying advice from us. We can guide you how to choose a fit-for-purpose-fit-your-budget CNC Milling Machine.