CNC Lathe Machine Malaysia


CNC Lathes Machine that Maximizes Efficiency

Hasil Karya’s broad range of CNC Lathes Machine and Lathe Machine offers a variety of bore sizes, bed lengths, and optional features. Thus, because of this variety allows us to create custom lathe solutions capable to meet any production needs.

In addition, our CNC Lathe Machine features compact and reasonable design. Due to electromechanical integration and the overall compact layout. Therefore, making it easy for repair and maintenance. Also, high efficiency, high precision, and high rigidity in process.

Besides, ensuring a machine’s longevity goes beyond the point of sale. As one of the leading lathe machine supplier in Malaysia, Hasil Karya provide post-sale service for our cnc lathe and metal lathe, offering comprehensive warranties, routine maintenance, and quick response times to service requests. This unwavering support makes us the ideal partner for businesses, promising seamless operations long after the machine’s installation.

Even with outstanding quality and post-sale service, competitive pricing remains a key factor in choosing a supplier. We understand this delicate balance, offering competitively priced lathe machines without compromising on quality or support.

In today’s world, businesses are looking beyond just profit. Many seek partners who share their commitment to sustainability. Being one of the leading lathe machine supplier, Hasil Karya rise to this challenge, ensuring their processes are environmentally friendly, from production right through to disposal.