SAP Inventory Management

We use SAP tool to maintain data integrity, we track product availability, pricing, purchasing, your machine & service records.


High Tech Storage System(Hanel Lean-Lift)

We use Hanel Lean-Lift to store and manage the inventory status of 3,500 over types of spare parts, this means that we know when and how to fulfil your order in the most efficient ways.


5s Warehouse System

We adopt the Lean Manufacturing Methodology 5S System to Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain as the ways of working in our Warehouse. This is to ensure that our Service team is equipped with a clean, safe, organised & efficient workplace, to deliver efficient and quality services to you.


High quality, precisely welded Saw Bands, Blade & Steel Strip

We invested in a fully automatic welding machine from Germany – IDEAL WERK BAS 300 SERIES. It yields uniform and high quality bandsaw blades. Each blade joint is accurately welded and the welding joint is durable.



With our organized storage system with Hanel Lift Storage and 5s Methodology. Our after sales service of industrial machinery allow us to provide on time supply of original spare parts. Together with troubleshooting, repair and replacement of parts fault for various metal fabricating machinery.

You can also shop with us at our online platform SHOPEE and LAZADA for those that have the inconvenience for walk-in purchase. Our Customer Support in our online platform will assist you based on your specific spare parts measurements, size and models confirmation.



Bandsaw Blade Supplier Malaysia
Bandsaw Blade(Bandsaw Machine)
Power Feed(Milling Machine)
Coolant Pump(All Machine)
3 Jaw Self-Centering Chuck(Lathe Machine)