4 Axes

CNC Aluminium Profile Machining Center

  • The 4-axis CNC machining center is adept at processing bars or pieces of aluminium, PVC, light alloys, and steel of up to 2mm, equipped with an auto-positioned clamping unit.


  • Every model boasts the versatility to operate in both single-piece and multi-piece modes, providing a solitary workspace for bars extending up to 7.7m in length. The PHANTOMATIC X6 and PHANTOMATIC X6 HP models further enhance functionality by offering pendular mode operations with two distinct machining areas.


  • In the PHANTOMATIC X6 HP model, the inclusion of two additional axes for clamps and reference stop positioning enables dynamic pendular mode operations, which accommodate clamp repositioning even while the machine is operational. It also possesses an 8-place tool storage located on the X-axis carriage, offering room for an angular unit and a milling disc, thereby facilitating machining on all five sides of a component. The 4th CNC axis propels the electro-spindle to execute continuous rotations from 0° to 180°, effectively performing work on the profile edge.