12 Axes

CNC Aluminium Profile Machining Center

  • The QUADRA L1, a 12-axis CNC machining center, is designed to execute milling, drilling, and cutting tasks on aluminum and other light alloys. It comprises an automatic tool magazine and a thrust feed system, capable of handling profiles up to 7500 mm, complete with a profile clamping gripper mechanism.


  •  A unique feature is the collet’s movement that allows the feeder to return to its starting position, thereby enabling the loader to set up the next profile concurrently. The system’s core houses the milling module and the cutting module.


  •  The 4-axis CNC milling module, equipped with 4 to 6 electrospindles, facilitates comprehensive machining of the workpiece’s contour, regardless of its orientation. The 3-axis CNC cutting module features a Ø 600 mm blade with a downward stroke.


  •  The QUADRA L1 system also includes an automatic out feed unit that transports the workpiece from the cutting unit to the unloading magazine. This unit incorporates a transverse belt-based magazine, capable of unloading machined workpieces up to 4000 mm long (7500 mm as an optional feature). The machining unit can optionally be equipped with a soundproof cabin that not only safeguards the operator but also minimizes the acoustic impact on the surrounding environment.