18 Axes

CNC Aluminium Profile Machining Center

  • The QUADRA L2, an 18-axis CNC machining center, is designed for milling, drilling, and cutting tasks on aluminum and light alloy profiles. It comprises an automatic tool magazine and a push feed system for handling profiles up to 7500 mm in length, integrated with a gripper mechanism for profile clamping. The gripper’s motion enables the feeder to return to its initial position simultaneously, facilitating the loader’s preparation for the next profile.


  • The central portion of the machine houses the milling module, two cutting modules, and an end milling module. The 4-axis CNC milling module is fitted with 4 to 6 electrospindles, permitting comprehensive machining of any side of the workpiece, irrespective of its orientation.


  • The primary cutting module consists of a 600 mm diameter blade with a downward motion across three CNC axes. The secondary cutting module is equipped with a 350 mm diameter blade, featuring feed and rotation motions on a horizontal CNC axis. The end milling module operates on two CNC axes through a cutting unit.


  • The QUADRA L2 system also encompasses an automatic ejector that transports the workpiece from the cutting unit to the unloading magazine. This unit consists of a magazine with transverse belts, capable of unloading machined workpieces up to 4000 mm long (optional 7500 mm). The machine’s central machining area incorporates a soundproof enclosure, safeguarding the operator while also mitigating environmental noise pollution.