Flat Plate Drill Machine

Automatic Drilling Machine

Machine Features:
  • ATC device (Automatic Tool Changer)

The ATC device automates machining processes and eliminates tool changes during machining,
thus reducing machine stop time.


  • High-rigidity, high-precision spindle

National taper #50 is adopted for the spindle nose shape, and the combination of φ100-mm double-
row cylindrical roller bearings and thrust angular contact ball bearings suppresses runouts and

vibrations, improving machining accuracy and extending tool life.


  • AC spindle motor for a wide range of machining

An AC spindle motor of wide-area constant-output 7.5/11 kW (cont./30 min.) ensures full power
output over a wide area, enabling stable hole machining from small to large diameters. Also, two
spindle motor options are available: 11/15kW motor for one-shot drilling using a twist drill up to φ
60 mm, and 18.5/22kW motor for large-diameter machining for Base-Pak plates.
The spindle motor can be selected according to the customer’s machining requirements.
For details on machining capacity, etc., refer to “9. Spindle Motor Options”.
(11/15kW and 18.5/22kW motor options need to be decided before production.)


  • Highly rigid guides

Highly rigid roller guides in this automatic drilling machine are used for each positioning travel axis to suppress vibration during


  • Center-coolant-through drills

The coolant-through system, provided as a standard feature, connects the spindle, holder, and tool
for directly discharging coolant and allows the use of oil-hole type tools.


  • Hydraulic clamp for deformed workpieces

The hydraulic clamp of center butting type makes it easy to butt against and clamp any plates
including deformed plates.