UE-712A (230V/415V)

Taiwan Made Mastika Manual Bandsaw Machine

Sawing Machine

  • Hasil Karya, the apex supplier of Bandsaw Machines in Malaysia, exhibits a substantial collection of Mastika bandsaw machines, each product certified by CE, CSA, UL, and RST — a mark of our relentless commitment to unmatched quality and stringent safety standards.


  • Our machines have carved a niche for themselves in markets spanning Europe, the USA, and a multitude of global regions, reflecting our growing international appeal. Complying scrupulously with the rigorous SGS ISO9001 quality guidelines, Mastika ensures our clientele receive nothing less than impeccable product quality.


  • As we continue to strive for progress and refine our offerings, Mastika’s bandsaw line is on track to further cement its stature as the most trustworthy and prestigious brand in the bandsaw arena.