Taiwan Made Mastika Manual Bandsaw Machine

Sawing Machine

  • Recognised as Malaysia’s premier source for Bandsaw Machines, Hasil Karya presents a superior line-up of Mastika bandsaw machines, each bearing the hallmarks of safety and quality in the form of CE, CSA, UL, and RST certifications — a testament to our enduring commitment to unparalleled safety and excellence.


  • Our Mastika bandsaw brand, enjoying high regard in Europe, the USA, and various international markets, serves as a testament to our expansive global presence and influence. Complying faithfully with the stringent SGS ISO9001 quality parameters, Mastika guarantees its customers an unwavering promise of first-rate product quality.


  • Dedicated to continuous refinement and growth, the Mastika bandsaw range is on course to further establish its standing as the most reliable and renowned entity in the bandsaw industry.