UZ 29

Speeder Beveller

Beveling Machine

Max Width of Bevel 12mm 

  • The UZ29 SPEEDER, part of NKO Machines’ lineup, stands out as one of the largest and most potent rotary cutting bevelling machines on the market.


  • The UZ29 SPEEDER is equipped with automatic feed, making it an ideal choice for stationary operations that require large or small series of smaller workpieces. Yet, its flexibility shines through as it effortlessly transitions into a mobile bevelling system, processing along the machined metal sheet at a remarkable rate of nearly two meters per minute.


  • Its capability extends to machining both standard and stainless steel, reinforcing its versatility. Moreover, its superior drive system ensures the machine operates quietly, maintaining a noise-free workplace.


  • Invest in the UZ29 SPEEDER beveling machine for a dynamic, powerful, and versatile bevelling solution that won’t disrupt your workspace.