UZ 50

Triumph Beveller

Plate Beveling Machine

Max Width of Bevel 62mm/ 2.44 in Automatic Feed

  • The UZ50 Triumph, a product of N.KO Machines’ innovative solutions, encapsulates the functionality of three bevelling systems in a single machine.


  • Firstly, it can function as a mobile beveller, moving along the material at speeds up to 1.2 m/min or 3.93 ft/min while bevelling at angles between 15° and 50°.


  • Secondly, the UZ50 Triumph’s entire machining unit can be flipped upside down to form X and K weld bevels, eliminating the need for manual handling of the material.


  • Operating on the principle of metal cutting, the UZ50 Triumph plate beveling machine is capable of processing challenging materials like stainless steel, Hardox, Weldox, and Domex, thanks to its optimal cutting condition settings. It’s equally effective at bevelling traditional steel.


  • The UZ50 Triumph offers a versatile, efficient, and multi-faceted bevelling solution for a variety of materials.