DK 370

Turkey Made Fully Auto Circular Saw

Sawing Machine


  • State-of-the-art automatic angle saw machine.


  • Features servo motor-controlled automatic angle rotation, up to ±45⁰ (optionally extending to ±60⁰).


  • Utilizes a servo motor and ball screw control for material drive.


  • Equipped with a PLC-controlled, color touch screen for user-friendly operation.


  • Vertical cutting system operates on roller-type linear guideway, facilitated by screw shaft and servo motor control.


  • Provides adjustable cutting speeds (slower at material entry and exit, faster in the intermediate part).


  • Incorporates a patented system that eliminates saw tooth gaps, reducing vibration and resonance, preventing saw breakage and extending saw lifespan.


  • Allows for speed adjustments between 20 and 80 rpm via an inverter.


  • Capable of executing cuts in 10 different lengths on the same material.


  • Integrated with a high-performance gearbox, designed for consistent, continuous work.


  • Delivers precise length adjustments with an accuracy of ± 0.2 mm in a straight cut (accuracy may vary depending on saw runout).


  • Furnished with a special chip collection container and an in-cabin oil pump.