FA 315

Turkey Made Fully Auto Circular Saw

Sawing Machine


  • Fully automated straight cutting saw machine for high-precision operations.


  • Material drive operates with a servo motor and ball screw control for reliable performance.


  • Features a hydro-pneumatic operated saw head, allowing for adjustable and controllable cutting speeds.


  • Employs a PLC-controlled touch screen for easy and interactive user experience.


  • Capable of sliding and cutting up to 1000 mm in a single operation.


  • Offers multiple sliding capabilities for lengths exceeding 1000 mm.


  • Allows the potential to cut four distinct lengths from the same material.


  • Double-speed motor enables selection of optimal speed based on the characteristics of the material.


  • Integrated with a high-performance double helical gear reducer for enhanced durability and efficiency.


  • Provides length adjustments with a precision of +0.3 mm (precision may vary based on the blade used).