LCS 400 DX

Turkey Made Fully Auto Circular Saw

Sawing Machine


  • The twin-head mitre saw exhibits a semi-automatic vertical action, featuring a stationary right head while the left one operates automatically, guided by a servo motor on roller-style linear rails.


  • The saw is equipped with a robust, high-performance gearbox designed with fully hardened and precision-ground helical gears. The head descends smoothly along hardened roller-style linear guides.


  • With a servo motor and ball screw mechanism, the saw head’s descent is optimized for perfect cuts. A specially developed servo cutting system and program enable variable cutting speeds for different sections of the material, thereby reducing total cutting time by up to 30% and prolonging the life of the saw disc.


  • The saw motors are regulated by an inverter, and the blade speed can be adjusted from 20-60 rpm directly from the control panel. The saw is PLC-controlled and equipped with a color touch screen panel.


  • Easy angle adjustments can be made to the saw heads, with the right saw head providing a positive 0-45° mitre, and the left saw head offering a negative 0-45° mitre.


  • The unit includes a coolant tank complete with a chip collection box and an electric pump, ensuring blade lubrication and cooling.


  • Optional accessories include a saw blade. Please note this text is in the English language.