V 315 HX

Turkey Made Semi Auto Circular Saw

Sawing Machine


  • Semi-automatic sawing machine that makes material clamping and cutting automatically,


  • Double transfer helical gear system


  • Complete casting table


  • Adjustable and controllable cutting speed thanks to the hydro-pneumatic operated saw head


  • Selecting the most appropriate speed for the material properties thanks to the double-speed motor


  • Precise angle cutting up to 45⁰ in both directions


  • Stroke adjustment to cutting start and end points according to the dimensions of the material to be cut


  • Thanks to the coolant tank and engine in the cabin, the saw can be cooled and removed quickly from the cutting surface.


  • Parts can be cut as standard with the same length after being adjusted once with the special support mechanism.


  • Security system in accordance with CE Norms;
    • Movable housing providing maximum protection against sawing
    • 24 V low voltage security system
    • Emergency stop button
    • User guide