Splice-Plate Fully Automatic

Drilling Machine

Machine Features:
  • ATC Unit – When a tool reaches its tool service life setting during automatic operation in which an automatic tool change (ATC) unit is used, the tool is automatically replaced, enabling automatic operation for a long period of time and unattended operation at night.


  • Automatic Tool Length Measurement Unit – This unit automatically measures the lengths of the tools accommodated in the ATC unit.


  • Rigid and Stable Drilling –  Taper roller with a diameter of 70mm is combine with a spindle bearing at the feed axis (Z-axis).


  • Stable Spindle Operation that Achieved by an Accurate Inverter – Irregular rotation is largely reduced at a low-speed range, and therefore stable cutting is possible.


  • Drill Adaptive Control – A tool-specific cutting load is applied to the shaft. This improve service life of the tools


  • Automatic Loading and Unloading Workpiece –  Workpieces are automatically loaded and unloaded by the NC control. Plus, there is a magnetic feeder unit which can automatically change the magnet suction force according to workpiece weight.


  • Deburring Unit and Shot Blast Unit Incorporated in the Line – Workpiece of loading, drilling, shot blasting, and workpiece accommodation can be automatically done in a line.