Drilling Machine

Machine Features:
  • Rigid and Stable Drilling – Since the feed axis (Z-axis) uses a servomotor and a ball screw and the spindled bearing is combined with a taper roller.


  • ATC Unit –  Automatic Tool Change (ATC) is used, so tools is automatically replaced, reducing machine downtime. A maximum of 10 tools can be accommodated in the ATC unit.


  • Stable Spindle Operation that Achieved by an Accurate Inverter – Irregular rotation is largely reduced at a low-speed range, and therefore stable cutting is possible.


  • Operation Efficiency improved by the Tool Service Life Management Function – To manage tool service life, it is set for each tool. When the service life setting (cutting length) is reached, changing of the tool is promoted.


  • Workability Improved for Workers – The center contact type hydraulic clamp simplifies contact and clamping.


  • Chip Conveyor Mounted as Standard – A floor-hinge method is used to largely reduce abrasion of the bottom plate, ensuring a longer service life and stable chip disposal.