Flat Plate Auto Borer Drill Machine

Drilling Machine

Machine Features:
  • Rigid and Stable Drilling

Since the feed axis (Z-axis) uses a servomotor and a ball screw and the spindle bearing is combined with a taper roller with a diameter of 70mm, chattering during drilling is reduced, drilling accuracy is improved, and the tool service life is prolonged.


  • Stable Spindle Operation Achieved by a Combination of a High-Power Motor and an Accurate Inverter

Since a 5.5-kW spindle motor and accurate inverter are used, irregular rotation is largely reduced, ensuring stable cutting.


  • Operation Efficiency Improved by the Tool Service Life Management Function

To manage tool service life, it is set for each tool. When the service life setting (cutting length) is research, changing of the tools is promoted.


  • Workability improved for Workers

The height of the workpiece table is lowered to reduce the burden on the worker during workpiece setup. (The height is about 65mm shorter than the height of the conventional machine form Takeda). The center contact type hydraulic clamp simplifies contact with and clamping of irregularly shaped plates.


  • Various Workpieces Sizes and Setting Method