Flat Plate Auto Borer Drill Machine

Drilling Machine

Machine Features:
  • Hole coordinate teaching function

In order to drill gusset plates in small quantity of various kinds, teaching input on a separate teaching table is adopted.
Immediately after inputting the teaching data, drilling can be executed, eliminating bothersome processes of scribing on the gusset plate and workpiece
setting before drilling.


  • Teaching table unit

A separate teaching table allows teaching by manual operation to specify hole positions, which also makes the hole position specification easier.


  • Compatible with CAD (DXF) data conversion software

It is possible to convert the data into GB-800D drilling data using our DXF data
conversion software. Data can be transferred to the machine in the following two
1) Data transfer between the computer and the machine with a cable connection
2) Data is saved on a USB flash drive and connected to the machine for data


  • Drill dog adjustment with scale

Drill dog adjustment can be made simply by measuring the drill length and setting
the measured length and the plate thickness on the scale.


  • Highly rigid drill unit

The drill unit is fixed to increase rigidity and the workpiece holder ensures stable drilling, which prevents the drill from wearing and chipping when drilling through
two plates.
The spindle can be set to any speed by the inverter 8-step speed change (one of which is for markingThe spindle can be set to any speed by using 8-step speed change controlled by an inverter (one step for marking).