Taiwan Mill-Drill Turning Machine

CNC Lathe Machine

  • This advanced CNC lathe machine is proficiently designed to conduct turning, milling, engraving, and drilling operations on the curved surfaces of extensive and lengthy cylindrical items. It excels in precision-based turning and milling of large-scale printing rollers, straight-tooth shaft connectors, and primary shafts.


  • The machine also excels in fabricating exact bearing caps for main shafts, as well as lubricating sleeves. Furthermore, it expertly forms scrolls and adjusts the camber on shaft components, making it an invaluable asset in sophisticated machining tasks.


Direct Coupled Ball screws 
  • High precision preloaded ball screws for reduced backlash.
  • Direct coupling eliminates motor backlash and improves torgue transmission characteristics
  • Absence of belt or gear drives remove transmission vibration