Ultra High Precision Vertical Machining Center

CNC Milling Machine

Litz DM Series VMC is equipped with a 18,00020,00024,000rpm high speed spindle together with 36/36/24 m/min. X,Y, Z rapid traverse that makes the machine excellent for precision die and mold, as well as high speed machining. 

Machine Features: 

  • Cooling System   – The spindle incorporates the oil coolant system to remove the head inside the spindle efficiently 


  • Light-weight and Rigid Spindle Head – The light weight spindle head allows nimble Z axis movement. 


  • High Efficiency Chip Evacuation  – Equipped with standard chip augers that brings the cutting chips with the heat out of cutting chamber efficiently. The compact machine size saves your investment on the precious factory space. 


  • Oil Separation Mechanism  – Designed with oil groove to collect and keep the lubrication oil in its own system. Separate the toil from the water-based coolant can extend the life time of cutting fluid.