Plasma Cutting Machine

  • E-CNC series CNC plasma cutting machine system.
    Integrated NC system and split type numerical control system.


  • Overview:
    E-CNC is a revolutionary CNC cutting system developed by the esteemed German Eckelmann Group. With nearly four decades of experience in automation technologies, Eckelmann launched E-CNC in China in 2011 as an intelligent cutting solution for a wide array of applications.


  • Not just another cutting system, E-CNC offers a comprehensive approach rooted in PC-based control technologies.


  • Besides, it brings customers more advanced control technology, ensuring higher stability and efficiency during operations.


  • Not only that, this plasma cutting machine can be flexible on its product upgrades, whether you require a specialized cutting system for a specific material or an innovative solution for an intricate project, E-CNC can deliver.


  • QL-3500x9000HD offers hassle-free product upgrades. You can easily update your system to include more functional extensions, enhancing its capabilities and lifespan.


  • Also, it has more professional operating interface, easy-to-use interface, allowing operators of varying skill levels to manage the cutting processes effectively.


  • You get more than just basic functions; you get an entire ecosystem designed for high-performance operations.


  • We can design different products according to the customer’s idea.


  • We consult, developed and advise best plasma cutting machine based on the materials that you are going to cut.


  • With the high-speed development of the Internet of things technology and our team of service technicians, we can provide you with more quality and efficient CNC plasma cutting machine service and support!