Angle Line System(ALS)


Fully Auto Table CNC Automation

CNC Punching Machine

  • The Sunrise’s latest product, the ALS-1506S angle line system, is the most recent addition to our range of automatic products. This CNC Punching Machine design emphasizes user-friendly operation and is built with exceptional rigidity and longevity.


  • The ALS-1506S is capable of punching and shearing angle and flat bars, ranging from 2″ to 6″, in a fully automated process. Despite the rise of laser equipment, the punch and shear method continues to be the simplest, most efficient, and cost-effective way to handle angle materials.


  • This model includes a 6-meter feeder (with an option for extension), constructed using a robustly proportioned machined structure steel tube. Rollers made from solid steel and fitted with bearings ensure optimal contact and support for the workpiece.


  • The primary stations of the ALS-1506S are unified into a single unit, surrounded by fully enclosed covers. This feature enhances its aesthetic appeal, facilitates easy setup, and guarantees unmatched safety standards for the operator.


  •  Maximum angle: 152x152x12mm
  •  Minimum angle: 50x50x5mm
  •  Maximum flat bar: 152x12mm
  •  Minimum flat bar: 50x5mm
  •  Rack-n-pinion feeding system: 6m standard, extension to 9m or 12m optional
  •  Minimum Scrap: 150mm