Gear and Dual-drive

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

  • Adopt Japan originally imported servo motor, the NO.1 ALPHA rack&pinion and speed reducer in the world, guarantee usage for 6 years, maximum cutting speed reaches 100m/min, acceleration speed 1.0G.


Single Table Dual-Drive
  • Using high and low exchange platform, China’s first patented design, and exchange only 15 seconds, the European standard design, high-end atmosphere on the grade, enhance corporate image.


Germany Alpha Rack and Gear Reducer
  • HSG Laser adopts internationally No.1 German racks, pinions and speed reducers from alpha Witten stein, same as Trumpf laser, speed reducers usage guaranteed for 6 years.
  • Automatically follow material flatness to cut and automatic edge seeking.

High Quality Carbon Steel Welding Machine Bed

The main body is welded by high-quality structure steel with tensile strength of up to 500Mpa, and high temperature annealing, then natural aging completely eliminate welding stress, anti deformation, more durable.

Intelligent Control System

Through our self-developed operating control system, users can take control of all production tasks. That is, production will be clear at a glance. 21.5 inch touch screen is simple in UI design, with no need for keyboard or mouse. High-efficient production will start only by moving a finger. Its built-in integrated nesting software is good at cost reduction and benefit increase. 

Autofocus Laser Cutting Head 

Its focus is adjustable and precise. The laser cutting head can feel the surroundings and lift up to keep away from obstacles automatically. In other words, our cutting head is anti-collision. 



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