Automatic Loading and Unloading Tube Process

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

  • The machine sports an integrated gantry design for its mechanical structure, ensuring stable performance and smooth operations. It can effortlessly handle complex curve graphics on round tube surfaces without restrictions on graphic complexity.


Automatic loading and unloading system
  • The automated loading and unloading system includes both loading and unloading mechanisms. The TS65 automatic loading system is controlled by a numerical control system, seamlessly integrating with the tube cutting machine. This allows for comprehensive bundle lifting and tube loading. The intelligent control system arranges the tube material, automates the conveying process, reduces labor costs, and boosts the efficiency of the tube cutting machine.


SigmaNest (USA) Nesting Software
  • The professional SigmaNest (USA) nesting software enables automatic one-key typesetting, minimizing material waste in your factory. (Customers need to provide igs format for three-dimensional digital and analog graphics.)


Numerical Control Pneumatic ChuckNon-destructive tube clamping
  • The automatic centering power chuck ensures the flatness and feeding accuracy of longer tubes when clamped, protecting the tube.


Tube frog jumping function
  • This feature safeguards the machine and laser head from damage and high maintenance costs that might arise if the cutting head hits an abnormally shaped tube during high-speed cutting. The specific tube database in the cutting software and the close-loop feedback between the height controller and laser head in the HSG TS65 model enable the shortest travel path and fastest movement, thereby enhancing cutting efficiency.



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