Economical Tube

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

  • Machine’s architecture utilizes a cohesive gantry design, promising steadfast performance and seamless operation. It can handle intricate curve patterns on cylindrical tube surfaces, irrespective of the complexity of the designs.


Streamlined Material Handling
  • Boost your productivity with our optional automatic tube loading and unloading features – an efficient approach that streamlines workflow and trims down labor costs.
  • Consider our optional hydraulic concave support system, designed to protect your tubes from damage and maintain their pristine condition during the loading and unloading stages.


HSG-X Bus Control System
  • The HSG-X control system, a proprietary innovation by HSG Laser, operates on a bus-based structure. Its easy-to-use and intelligent interface tackles common issues such as complicated operation, low productivity, and high costs, offering effective solutions.



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