Automatic Loading and Unloading Tube Process

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

  • The mechanical structure applies integrated gantry design, stable performance, equipment running smoothly. Processing of any complex curve graphics on the surface of the round tubes are supportive, not limit to the difficulty of the graphics.
Automatic loading and unloading system
  • Automatic loading and unloading system includes loading system and unloading system. TX12036 automatic loading system is controlled by numerical control system and seamlessly connects with the tube cutting machine. To achieve the entire bundle hoisting tube loading, control system does tube material typesetting intelligently, automatic conveying process, saving labor costs, improve work efficiency of tube cutting machine.
SigmaNest (USA) Nesting Software
  • Professional automatic SigmaNest (USA) nesting software, automatic one-key typesetting, so that your factory’s material is no longer a waste (customers provide igs format of three-dimensional digital and analog graphics).
Chuck Clamping Technology
  • Chuck C3 and C4 are combined as one and can rotate or move synchronously but control its claws opening and closing independently. Except for clamping, tube supporting is also available for the combined chuck, remedying the common weakness of four chucks.
  • Both tube clamping and supporting.
  • Correction of tube deviation.
Labor-saving Configurations
  • Multi-tube Automatic Loading Device
    Several heavy tubes are usually loaded synchronously.
  • Automatic Unloading Equipment
    Two follow-up turning plates are available to convey ≤6000mm heavy tube stably from high to low while unloading, so that tube surface is well protected.