Automatic Loading and Unloading Tube Process

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

  • The machine’s mechanical structure employs an integrated gantry design, ensuring stability and smooth operation. It supports the processing of complex curve graphics on round tube surfaces, regardless of graphic complexity.


Automatic loading and unloading system
  • The TX12036 automatic loading system, controlled by a numerical control system, integrates seamlessly with the tube cutting machine. This system intelligently arranges tube materials and automates the conveying process, enhancing the cutting machine’s efficiency while reducing labor costs.


SigmaNest (USA) Nesting Software
  • SigmaNest, a professional automated nesting software from the USA, enables one-key typesetting, preventing material wastage in your factory. The software accepts 3D digital and analog graphics in IGS format from customers.


Chuck Clamping Technology
  • Unique combination of Chuck C3 and C4 allows synchronous rotation and movement while controlling the opening and closing of the claws independently. This combo chuck also supports tube stabilising, addressing the common limitations of four-chuck designs. The technology enables both tube clamping and support while correcting tube deviation.


Labor-saving Configurations
  • Multi-Tube Automatic Loading Device: Facilitates synchronous loading of multiple heavy tubes.
  • Automatic Unloading Equipment: Features two follow-up turning plates to smoothly transport heavy tubes of up to 6000mm from high to low positions during unloading, ensuring tube surface protection.



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