MGS QC11Y-12×4000

Hydraulic Guillotine

Metal Shearing Machine

  • The second generation of hydraulic metal shearing machine.


  • Welded steel plate contraction, eliminate internal stress by heat treatment with high strength and good rigidity.


  • Advanced integrated hydraulic system with an excellent reliability.


  • Rolling guide with 3-point support abd improves the shearing quality.


  • This machine is essential in various applications including manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and construction, among others.


  • Hasil Karya, renowned as one of Malaysia’s leading suppliers of shearing machine, stands at the forefront of this industry.


  • Provide shearing machine since 1990. We specialize in the latest second-generation and affordable hydraulic metal shearing machine, which boast welded steel plate construction.


  • Equipped with an advanced integrated hydraulic system consist of hydraulic drive, accumulator return allows smooth and reliable operation. Effectively reduce the problems caused by hydraulic oil leakage.


  • Whether it’s for precision cutting or large-scale fabricating, Hasil Karya’s shearing machine in Malaysia are reliable for professionals seeking superior performance and durability.