3 Roll Plate Rolling

Plate Rolling Machine

  • Constructed from electro-welded steel, these machines are robust and durable. With three driving rollers and two standard rollers, they offer excellent functionality and performance.


  •  These plate rolling machines boast a direct drive on the rollers, eliminating the need for secondary transmissions. This design ensures seamless operation and reduces the likelihood of complications or delays due to mechanical issues.


  •  The roller movement in this plate rolling machine is achieved through a planetary curvature system, an advanced feature that enhances precision and control. Equally important is the roller parallelism control, which is deftly managed through the use of torsion bars. This mechanism provides an added layer of accuracy, ensuring that the end product meets the highest standards of quality and precision.


  •  A standout feature of these machines is their low-maintenance design. They are constructed to withstand regular use without requiring frequent upkeep or repairs, making them a cost-effective solution for businesses looking for reliability and performance. This also saves time and resources, contributing to overall efficiency and productivity.