JH21 Series

Open Back Dry Clutch

Power Press Machine

  • The JH21 series power press features a robust and precisely stable body structure, constructed from welded steel plates.


  • The crankshaft’s lengthwise placement contributes to the press’s compact design and aesthetically pleasing form.


  • A combined pneumatic friction clutch and brake is utilised, with model B sporting an imported dry friction clutch and brake, resulting in smooth engagement, agile operation, and reduced noise.


  • The gear pair is lubricated through a flooding system for optimal performance.


  • The press includes a six-faced rectangular slide block with an extended guide track surfaced with a bronze panel.


  • An imported hydraulic overload protector is integrated into the slide block for swift and reliable operation.


  • The slide block’s air pump and high-pressure ring seal are of imported quality.


  • Motor-adjusted die sets are a feature for presses over JH21-63, while a lifting balance cylinder is added to the sidelock for models over JH21-40.


  • This cylinder’s ring seal is also imported. Safety is ensured with the control of air pipelines by a safety duplex valve and the electrical circuit by an imported PLC.


  • The press can optionally be equipped with an air cushion, automatic feed shaft, and photoelectric protector, providing versatility for a range of applications.


  • We also have ready stock spare parts in our storage system, allow you to make quick replacement parts to avoid machine downtime.