Tandem CNC Press Brake

Heavy Duty Hybrid CNC Press Brake

Press Brake Machine

  • Dual servo oil-electric hybrid system for powerful energy efficiency and reliable operation


  • Accurate Linear Scale with 0.005mm precision for synchronized Y1-Y2 axis operation


  • High-quality, precision-ground tooling made for durability and long lifespan (customizable)


  • Back Gauge System with high speed, accuracy, and extended positioning range, powered by servo-motor


  • Structured for safety and stability with a standard 3+1 axis configuration: Y1-Y2 axis (main cylinder movement), X axis (backgauge adjustment), W axis (mechanical compensation table)


  • Equipped with Swiss CYBELEC CybTouch 12PS:
    • 12″ color touch screen display (800*600 resolution)
    • Intuitive full-touch interface with automatic functions for easy operation
    • Clear display and easy-to-touch large buttons
    • Automatic calculations for bending angle, main pressure, and deflection compensation
    • Bending sequence and product angle storage
    • Finger-drawable sectional view of the workpiece