Tandem CNC Press Brake

Heavy Duty Hybrid CNC Press Brake

Press Brake Machine

  • Deratech takes the lead in applying the dual servo oil-electric hybrid system to the large tonnage CNC press brake, Outstanding energy-saving effect, Stable and reliable mechanical action


  • High-precision Linear Scale

    Equipped with a linear scale with an accuracy of 0.005mm, feedback and synchronizes the movement status and position of the two main cylinders to ensure the synchronous operation of the Y1-Y2 axis.


  • High-Precision Mechanical Crowning Device

    High-precision wedge compensation device by CNC control, got the precise compensation, ensuring high quality bending accuracy.


  • Higher Quality Press Brake Tooling

High quality, precision-ground tooling made from the best materials for maximum resistance and long life(can be configured according to customer needs).


  • High-precision and Stable Back Gauge System

    servo-motor driven ball screw, has characteristic of high speed and high setting accuracy. Design of multistage stops, to increase the positioning range, above the price in value. Building block design, number of control axes are available from single-axis x to multi-axis. Servo-motor drives the ball screw with fast speed and high positioning accuracy; modular design, the number of control axes can be selected from single axis X to multiple axes.


  • Scientific Structural Design

    Full time computer assisted to ensure the safety and stability of the equipment. Standard configuration of 3+1 axes, Y1-Y2 axis (left and right main cylinder up and down), X axis (backgauge front and back), W axis (mechanical compensation table).


  • Swiss CYBELEC CybTouch 12PS

· 12 inch color touch screen display (resolution 800*600)· With a highly intuitive full-touch man-machine interface, optimized software and various automatic functions, it is easier for operators to use CybTouch 12 PS

· The page is concise, the display is clear, and the big buttons are easy to touch

· “EasyBend” page for easy single bending processing

· Online help and interactive pop-up alarm prompt box

· Automatic calculation of bending angle, main pressure and deflection compensation

· Automatic calculation of bending data

· Multiple automatic calculation functions of the bending sequence

· Multi-step bending sequence and product angle can be stored

· Pressure and compensation control

· Sectional view of the workpiece can be easily drew by finger