4 Axes CNC Press Brake

Press Brake Machine

  • The Technica is an intricately engineered CNC-controlled press brake featuring hydraulic crowning, offered in an essential yet comprehensive configuration. It’s equipped with four CNC-controlled axes (Y1-Y2, X, V), enhancing its versatility.


Technica offers the user a heavily built, reliable, precision CNC press brake at an economical price.

  • Representing a blend of reliability, robust construction, and precision, Technica provides a highly efficient CNC press brake solution at a cost-effective price point.


  • Equipped with high-precision digital encoders on both sides, the Technica continually monitors the upper beam’s movement and position (axes Y1-Y2), transmitting the data to the CNC controller that manages the hydraulic valves.


  • This advanced system ensures an unparalleled accuracy level in the movement and final positioning of the upper beam, thanks to the continuous monitoring and feedback from the encoder’s measurement data. Utilizing this state-of-the-art technology, Technica can consistently achieve a repeatability of nearly 100% (+/- 0.01 mm).