Hydraulic Shear

Hydraulic Shearing Machine

  • Equipped with a vibratory knife beam, CNC hydraulic shearing machine stand as paragons of durability and structural integrity. Their meticulously crafted design and construction not only guarantee reliable performance but also deliver pinpoint accuracy in cutting results. Furthermore, these machines offer longevity and need minimal upkeep, thanks in part to the vibratory action of the knife beam. This vibration, in conjunction with the provided clearance, greatly extends the service lifespan of the knives.


  • Transitioning to the cutting angle, it’s worth noting that its exceptionally narrow design dramatically minimizes distortion. This is especially beneficial when you’re working with a wide range of plate materials, be it thin or thick. Not only does this feature elevate the accuracy, but it also increases the overall efficacy of the cutting process.


  • Moving on to the hold-down cylinders, these come with an innovative design that seamlessly integrates a specialized spring structure along with top-quality inserts. This unique configuration ensures that even sensitive materials emerge from the cutting process unmarred and pristine.


  • Finally, for those seeking to further enrich their user experience, the machine offers compatibility with a D-Touch 15″ Touch Screen controller. This addition transforms the machine’s interface, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.