Dinamica DA52

Turret Punch

CNC Turret Punch Machine

Dinamica, the new generation of high efficiency servo-electric punching technology. Energy saving, high accuracy and low cost maintenance.
  • Servo-mechanically driven, CNC-controlled punching stroke is available in 20 ton or 30 ton punching force in our Dinamica model, featuring a Siemens CNC controller for high-performance punching, energy efficiency, and exceptional forming accuracy. This results in up to 60% power savings compared to typical hydraulic machines.


  • Dinamica’s “O” type frame is designed for precision, ensuring distortion-free parts and perfect tool alignment. Frame annealing post-welding helps eliminate internal stress for long-lasting durability.


  • Thick turret tooling system provides high flexibility, superior guiding, extended tool life, and minimal maintenance, allowing for the production of higher forms like lances, louvers, and emboss.


  • The turret stations mix includes a high-precision auto index with a compact, gear-driven structure, available in D station.


  • Large brush table design facilitates noise reduction during punching and scratch-free processing, eliminating the need for secondary finishing.


  • Available in varying axis sizes: 1500 x 2500 (5000 with repositioning), 2100 x 3200.


  • For Dinamica DA52, we offer a comprehensive range of loading and unloading systems.