Dinamica LAP3


CNC Turret Punch Machine

Dinamica Punch-Laser Combi, a new generation of servo-electric punching technology with integrated laser cutting system.

Introducing the Dinamica Punch-Laser combination turret punch machine, a cutting-edge solution that synergistically integrates laser cutting and punching technology:

  • Experience unrivaled productivity with this machine’s efficient hole processing capabilities.


  • Embrace the versatility of laser cutting technology, perfectly tailored for crafting any free-form contours your project demands.


  • Enjoy the convenience of executing forming operations, enhancing your fabrication possibilities.


  • Integrated automatic part sorting streamlines your workflow, increasing productivity and decreasing manual intervention.


  • By combining fiber laser technology with servo-electric punching, we promise lower electrical consumption and reduced operating costs, optimizing your project’s budget.


  • The machine is equipped with a high-quality Precitec Cutting Head, an IPG-Laser for maximum precision, and LTI-motion drives and motors for consistent performance.


Discover the Dinamica Punch-Laser combination machine – your one-stop solution for advanced manufacturing needs, offering superior productivity, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.