UZ 12


Beveling Machine

Max Width of Bevel 12mm 

  • UZ12 Ultralight creates welding-ready bevels on linear plates of any shear able materials, including iron, steel (up to 60kg/mm2 or 85,000lbs/in square), stainless steel, brass, copper and aluminum.


  • It cuts bevels from 3 to 35 mm in thickness, with a minimum plate width of 60mm and minimum plate length of 60mm.


  • Silent running of the machine 


  • It can be hooked to the piece to be machined in either a horizontal or vertical position. The machine can invert in order to bevel the bottom side of the plate. 


  • One person can operate the machine. 


  • It also has inversion allows for creation of double-sided bevel – no need to rotate or flip heavy material